Comala Document Management 6.10.2 is a bug fix release

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Updates and Bug Fixes

Workflow Builder and other display issues

  • Workflow preview display for large workflows was not working correctly due to URL size limits.
  • Fixed a display issue for some relative dates in space reporting and the workflow status dialog.
  • Fixed a display issue for the user profile picture in the workflow page activity report on recent versions of Confluence.
  • Several minor updates in the workflow builder including setting the time period in the builder, and preventing an error when dealing with some older workflow markup with deprecated functionality.


  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the workflow report macro links when Refined for Confluence theme is in use.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue that caused the progress bar macro to be displayed in correctly in the Content Formatting Macros app.

Workflow Functionality

  • Fixed an issue where approvals roles were not assigned if the user had an email address as id.
  • Fixed an issue on transition to a 'rejected' state where required parameters are setup.

Workflow Parameters

  • Fixed an issue with the @user@ value reference as a workflow parameter that was being resolved at workflow creation time, not when used in the workflow.
  • Fixed an issue where space parameters with special characters in the name could not be removed in space admin screen.


  • New advanced configuration option to control maximum number of users the workflow engine will handle at one time.  (The current default for this value is 500.)