Comala Workflows 5.9


Comala Workflows 5.9 is a compatibility and feature update release.

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User Interface Performance Updates

We have added several performance improvements focussing on the user interface:

  • We improved the build process for our UI bundles to cut down the amount of code end users will need to download when loading the workflow page UI for the first time.
  • When assigning users, the search functionality will not be as aggressive in sending requests to the back end avoid overloading the server on larger instances.
  • For pages that don't have workflows applied, we've also removed the requests that were previously sent back to check on the page status after the page has loaded.

Along with these changes we've fixed some other UI related bugs including (but not limited to):

  • When there are multiple approvals specified in a state their order will again respect the weight parameter if specified.
  • Display issues on IE 11.
  • The Workflow Builder was not starting if the language profile was set to Russian.

Compatibility Changes and Confluence 6.13 Support

This release of Comala Workflows will be the first to officially support Confluence 6.13.  We've made some changes to correctly support the new delete users functionality (GDPR compliance), and also to fix a bug when reporting on activities undertaken by deleted users from external directories.

This release will also increase the minimum required Confluence version to 5.10.9.

Other fixes and updates

  • New date format DD.MM.YYYY accepted when setting up hardcoded dates in the Workflow Builder.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the workflow page headers/footers from showing on exported pages in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some workflow actions from working. Like setting a state due date before a workflow state was initialised on the page.