Comala Workflows 5.8.4


Comala Workflows 5.8.4 is a maintenance release

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • The behaviour of the workflow page dialog has changed.  It will now not close automatically after a set time, users will need to click outside the drop down to close it.  In other UI related updates we have resolved some issues that were affecting IE 11 browser.
  • Fixed some issues with value reference resolution; some user based value references (@author@, @poster@, @creator@, @modifier@) will no longer cause an error if the user is removed, also a bug introduced in the 5.8 release around the treatment of empty value reference values has been fixed.
  • Character encoding fixes; Page workflows could not be created if the space name contained special characters.  We've also fixed an issue that prevented the get-metadata macro from rendering correctly on pages with a title containing a "/" character.
  • Fixed an issue where empty parameters were causing Confluence's Audit Log to throw errors.
  • Fixed an issue where queued actions on a blog post were failing.