Comala Workflows 5.8


Comala Workflows 5.8 is a feature update release.

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What's New

Improvements to the Workflow Builder

We've taken the initial release of the workflow builder that was released last month and given it a new paint job and made several bug fixes and improvements that didn't quite make it in time for the first release.

Other fixes and updates

  • Workflow UI Loading Improvements: We made some tweaks to the way the workflow information is loaded on the page, reducing the number of requests going back to the server.  We've also fixed a bug that caused the workflows icon to be shown briefly on some pages that don't actually have a workflow enabled while things were loading.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding reviewers when using the parameter selectedapprover in approvals (a regression introduced in the 5.7.1 release.)
  • Workflow parameter type username will now display a user's full name, not just their user name when searching for a user on a page.
  • Approval assignment improvements: If a small group of users is to be selected from for assignment to an approval this list will be shown immediately without needing to search. We’ve also fixed some cases where a user that no longer exists in Confluence, but still specified by a value reference (like page author), was causing errors in existing workfows.
  • Fixed an issue with the Workflows Tasks report pagination.

Developer and API Updates

  • Approval event interfaces have been updated to be more specific to different event types within workflows.