Comala Workflows 5.6


Comala Workflows 5.6 is a feature update release.

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What's New

Workflows support for Read Only Mode

Workflows 5.6 has been updated to support the new Confluence Data Center 6.10 Read Only Mode feature. Features that are not available in Read Only Mode will display messages to inform the user that the functionality is unavailable at the moment.  See Read Only Mode Behaviour for more information.

Other fixes and updates

  • The {comment} macro in the workflow markup is now deprecated.  The macro will still be valid, but it will not work if you edit your workflow with the new graphical Using Workflow Builder feature that is currently in development.  New description fields have been added to the {approval} macro and {trigger} macro so additional meta information can be included there.
  • A new Value Reference Modifiers has been added so you can quickly turn user value references into a wiki markup link for use within macros.  While building the link manually was possible before, this new modifier also works with a list of users in a value reference.
  • Various minor UI updates and bug fixes.