Comala Workflows 5.5


Comala Workflows 5.5 is a feature update release.

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What's New

New workflow trigger events for comments

New events have been added for page and inline comments.

For pages:

  • pagecommentcreated
  • pagecommentupdated
  • pagecommentremoved

For Inline comments:

  • inlinecommentcreated
  • inlinecommentresolved

More information can be found in the Events page.

Restrict who can assign approvals

New parameters have been added for Approvals: allowedassignusers and allowedassigngroups, these 2 parameters determine users and groups allowed to assign approvals. More information can be found in the approval macro page.

Workflows parameters separated by commas

Now Workflows users and group parameters can be specified with multiple entries separated by commas.

Beta Workflow Builder

We are working on a new graphical way to create and edit your workflows. So far this works is in beta. For more information on this project please see: Using Workflow Builder. We will be rolling out more updates progressively over the next few releases.

 Other fixes and updates

  • New Advanced configuration setting for updating things like work flow internal cache sizes.  Refer to Advanced Configuration - Global for more information.
  • Fixed an issue with the workflow report macro that when filtering by stats for a Global Workflow no data was displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with ischildof condition on triggers that was not rendering some value references within the trigger actions.
  • Multiple other minor UI fixes.