Comala Workflows 5.4.1


Comala Workflows 5.4.1 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • The view approved view most recent version links have been made a bit easier to understand when using the workflows final state.
  • We've tweaked the way that the maximum number of users check is done within the workflow engine. Removing some of the restrictions around number of possible people who could approve, but keeping restrictions on things like the send email action where a misconfiguration could overwhelm a large instance.
  • A bug with the user and group parameters on approvals meant a user had to be in both of the parameters to be able to approve, this has been fixed so that a user just need to be defined in the users list or be a member of the defined groups.
  • By popular demand for those running older web proxies in front of Confluence we've changed the http method the workflows user interface uses to access some of the workflow actions from PATCH to PUT.  (The PATCH method will remain the recommended approach if integrating using our REST API)