Comala Workflows 5.4


Comala Workflows 5.4 is a feature update release.

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What's New

Attachment Version Removed Trigger

A new trigger event has been added that allows the workflow to take an action when an attachment version is removed.

Beta Workflow Builder

We are working on a new graphical way to create and edit your workflows.  Included in this release is our first iteration that will support viewing and changing some basic workflow attributes for space level workflows.  For more information on this project please see: Using Workflow Builder

We will be rolling out more updates progressively over the next few releases.

 Other fixes and updates

  • The workflow report macro when filtering by states will now only show the valid states as defined by the filter, not all possible states in the space
  • We've fixed several UI issues including
    • IE 11 compatibility issues
    • State name word break improvements on the workflow progress tracker
    • Fixed a broken image reference with Brikit Themepress that was causing a mixed content warning.
  • Fixed a problem with adding tasks to pages in a space with a globally linked workflow activated via a label.