Comala Workflows 5.3.2


Comala Workflows 5.3.2 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug with approvals that have a minimum required number of approvers where a rejection could not be undone by a later approval.
  • Improved the processing of page property values as value references specifically dealing with extra <span> tags that the Confluence editor sometimes leaves behind in the key field.
  • Restored a feature that was broken in an earlier release for assigning someone to an approval, a list of users to select from will be shown immediately if there is a small group of possible users to select from hard coded in the approval.
  • Many minor UI fixes including;
    • Improvements for the display of pending approvers where there is many assigned.
    • Wrong count of number of approvers when the minimum param is used.
    • State byline was not updating in some situations with multiple approvals and a trigger with a partial condition that changed the current state
    • Removed a reference to a file resource that doesn't exist which was causing log warning message.