Comala Workflows 5.2


Comala Workflows 5.2 is a feature update release.

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What's New

Workflow Messages view and role specific

The messages displayed using the set-message macro can be now be specific to the page view and users/groups.

  • Use the new group parameter to specify a message to be displayed to a group of users.
  • Use the new view parameter to control if a message should be visible on the published (public) or normal view of a page.

 Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing the confluence page gadget rendering correctly when a workflow is active on a page.
  • UX/UI updates including:
    • Improved the error handling display when there is a problem with the maximum number of assignable users.
    • The progress bar is now always visible in the workflow dialog.
    • Now it is possible to perform actions in the status dialog (if any available) of the published view.
    • Style updates on the page activity filter buttons to match the new look in Confluence 6.7