Comala Workflows 5.0.5


Comala Workflows 5.0.5 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Improve the notification for invalid license conditions in the updated page UI
  • Fixed an issue with approval assignment searching for users.
  • Fixed a problem causing logging errors when Confluence in-app notifications are disabled.
  • Resolved a race condition issue that could cause the incorrect user to be recorded taking action for Workflows automated events like page expiry.
  • Fix for some requests from the Workflows UI that were setting an invalid header causing an issue with some firewall configurations.
  • Description parameter in the state macro is now displayed correctly within the page UI.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Translations updated. We are extremely grateful to the following people (we love you guys!):
    • French. Thanks Michael Regelin (Etat de Genève (DCTI)).
    • Dutch. Thanks Patrick Vanhoof (Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Antwerpen | Port of Antwerp).