One or more trigger actions can be set for a named event in the workflow.

When the workflow trigger event occurs the trigger will check that any required conditions are met, and if met the "send-email" action sends an email to one or more specified recipients.


The trigger action "send-email" sends a custom email to one or more specified recipients. 

  • action (send-email)
  • recipients (array) ❗️Recipients to send the email to (at least one recipient value must be added). A comma separated list of one or more recipients or Confluence groups is added using:
    • one or more Atlassian userIDs
    • one or more Atlassian groupIDs
    • one or more groupNames
    • one or more user type workflow parameter references
    • one or more group type workflow parameter references
    • one or more Email addresses added in a comma separated list
    • one or more of the following value references can also be added in a comma separated list as a value for the send-email action recipients

      • @watchers  (info) Note that @watchers refers to the watchers set at a document level, not including the watchers of the space.
      • @lastUpdatedBy

      • @creator

  • notification (object) ❗️ Notification holder. Can include the following as a comma-separated list within curly brackets:
    • the email subject
    • title
    • body
  • emailContext (object) Email context object: ${content.title} | ${content.link} | ${content.space} 
    • These can be used in the subject, title and body parameter values. You must include an email subject value and body value.

❗️ indicates a mandatory parameter - at least one value for "recipients" must be specified and the "notification" holder must include at least one of "subject", "title", or "body"

† Each Confluence user must be specified individually using {"user":"userID"}

  • add multiple Confluence users in a comma-separated list {"user":"userID_One"},{"user":"userID_Two"}, ...

‡  & ‡‡ Each Confluence group must be specified individually using {"group":"groupID"} and/or {"group":"groupName"}

  • add multiple Confluence groups in a comma-separated list {"group":"groupID_One"},{"group":"groupID_Two"},{"group":"groupName_Users1"},{"group":"groupName_Users2"}, ...

	{"event": "on-change-state",
		{"state": "Review"}
		{"action": "send-email",
				{"user": "user_ID_One"
   				{"user": "user_ID_Two"
   				{"group": "group_ID_One"
   				{"group": "group_ID_Two"
   				{"group": "group_Name_Users1"
   				{"group": "group_Name_Users2"
			"notification": {"subject": "${content.title} is In Review State",
				"title": "${content.title} is In Review State",
				"body": "Hello, ${content.link} in the ${content.space} space is in approval state and needs to be reviewed"}}

(info)  If adding the JSON trigger using workflow builder there is no need to include the opening "triggers": JSON markup notation, since it will be added by workflow builder.

On screen notification messages can be created using the  "set-message" trigger action.

(blue star) Workflow trigger-generated email 'failure to send' errors are included in the Confluence log.