inWebo authentication can be used as an OTP authentication provider with Comala Document Management for Cloud.

The inWebo Service ID and inWebo API key - both provided by the inWebo app - must be added to the global configuration of Comala Document Management

Each user to undertake an approval with the requirement for an e-signature will need to

  • be configured as a user in inWebo administration for access for the appropriate inWebo Service ID
  • download and install the inWebo authentication mobile app to generate an OTP token
  • add their inWebo username and OTP token to the workflow popup on the content to activate the approval buttons

Using inWebo will disable the use of other 2FA apps and the OTP authentication is managed through inWebo MFA authentication services.

Set up inWebo

To set up the use of inWebo with Comala Document Management for Cloud 

  • choose/configure an existing Service ID in your company inWebo account
  • generate an inWebo API Certificate from the inWebo administration website
  • add the Service ID, the inWebo API certificate file, and the inWEbo passphrase sourced from inWebo administration to the global configuration of Comala Document Management

You must have an inWebo client account.

In the inWebo administration

  • choose your managing customer account and the Service ID you will be using for Comala Document Management for Cloud.

  • for the chosen Service ID add the Comala Document Management for Cloud site as a Secure Sites  and choose the Connectors type as Web Services

You can then create and download an inWebo API access certificate. To create a new certificate

  • choose Download a new certificate for the API in the INWEBO API ACCESS CERTIFICATES tab

  • inWebo allows you to create a certificate file in either PEM format or PKCS12 format and configure the certificate to
    • add a description
    • set the certificate rights
    • add a certificate passphrase
    • set the period of validity

  • choose Download to save a copy of the  inWebo API certificate file

In the Comala Document Management app global configuration

Under OTP Providers

  • add the inWebo Service ID
  • attach the API inWebo Certificate file (downloaded from inWebo administration)
  • add the inWebo Passphrase
  • Save the global configuration

The Service ID is displayed together with confirmation that an inWebo Certificate has been added.

Removing the Service ID removes the passphrase and certificate file.

Using inWebo will disable the use of other 2FA apps.

On the content a user (who has been added and configured in the inWebo administration for the ServiceID) will have to add their inWebo username and an OTP token generated by the inWebo mobile app.

See the inWebo documentation site for further information on using inWebo including certificate creation and management.

(info) When inWebo is enabled for workflow approval reviewer authentication, the workflow popup requests the username together with a password. The username is your inWebo account username. The required password is the inWebo generated token linked to this username.

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