One or more trigger actions can be set for a named event in the workflow.

When the workflow trigger event occurs the trigger will check that any required conditions are met, and if met, the "change-state" action forces a change of the state.


The trigger action "change-state" causes a change of the state to the specified state if the provided parameters are valid.

  • action (change-state)
  • state (string) ❗️ State to move into

❗️ indicates a mandatory parameter - the state parameter and the destination state must be added for the trigger action

	{"event": "on-change-state",
		{"final": true}
		{"action": "change-state",
			"state": "Review"}

(info) If adding the JSON trigger using workflow builder there is no need to include the opening "triggers": JSON markup notation, since it will be added by workflow builder.

The destination state must be specified.