One or more trigger actions can be set for a named event in the workflow.

When the workflow trigger event occurs the trigger will check that any required conditions are met, and if met the "assign" action assigns one user and/or a group of users as reviewers to a named approval.


The trigger action "assign" will assign a user to a named approval.

  • action (assign
  • approval (string) Name of the Approval to assign. If not specified, default approval will be used
  • comment (string) Comment for the assignation operation
  • assigner (string) Atlassian  userID from the assigner
  • user (string) ❗️ Atlassian userID for the assignee
  • group (string) Atlassian groupID or groupName for assignees

❗️ indicates a mandatory parameter -  the assignee "user" parameter value must be specified with at least one user or instead specify at least one group 

	{"event": "on-change-state",
		{"final": true}
		{"action": "assign",
			"approval": "Triagereview",
			"user": "5d52a37ef0f22a0da2d6f070",
			"group": "qa_reviewers"}

(info) If adding the JSON trigger using workflow builder there is no need to include the opening "triggers": JSON markup notation, since it will be added by workflow builder.

To assign members of a Confluence group as reviewers instead of a single user include "group":"qa_reviewers". The "group" parameter can use both the groupID and the Confluence groupName.

At least one assignee must be specified - either a user or a group or one of each.

The Atlassian user Identification Number (userId) is visible in the URL when viewing the User Profile

The trigger action "unassign" can be used to remove a specified user  from a named approval.

(info) You can only assign one user and/or one group in a single "assign" action. You cannot add multiple values for  "user" or "group".