Workflow Builder Navigator Panel

The navigator panel in workflow builder displays the visual workflow diagram showing the workflow states and transitions between the states.

Navigator Panel buttons

In the navigator panel select a button to edit the workflow, add a state or a workflow parameter.

  • choose the Workflow button to edit the workflow name and description
  • choose the +State button to add a new state to the workflow
  • choose the +Parameter button to add a new workflow parameter

Navigator State Lozenges

Select a state lozenge in the visual diagram to open the state editor in the workflow panel for the chosen state

This also changes the navigator panel display to include the state edit button and the +Transition and +Approval buttons.

The workflow panel will display the state name and the number of Transitions and Approvals for the state.

The state can be edited in this panel. You can:

  • change the state name
  • add or edit the state description
  • set an expiry date for the state
  • set the state as a final state in the workflow

You can also choose to add and edit transitions and approvals for the state using the state editor.

Saving changes to the workflow

To save any edits to the current workflow you must:

  • choose the Saved button to save any changes made to the workflow in workflow builder.

  • choose Exit to return to the space settings dashboard and update the space workflow with the changes made in workflow builder.