Using an approval signing token to activate a review

You must have previously:

If using inWebo for authentication you must also have globally configured Comala Document Management and use your inWebo username together with an OTP token generated using the inWebo Authenticator mobile app.

In a state with a content review, open the workflow popup and add your email address and the authenticator app time-based signing token displayed on your smart device.

If the signing token and email are accepted, the popup content review buttons become active for that user.

If there is a second content review in the workflow that has e-signature enabled then this will also require entry of your username and a time-based token.

A different approval signing token generated by the authenticator may be required for this content review if more than one minute of time has elapsed since the last use of the token.

When a valid signing token and email address are added, the review buttons are activated.

Where there are multiple reviewers, a separate approval signing token will be required by each reviewer.

Please note:

  • for usability, user validation is provided against previous, current and next calculated signing tokens generated by the authenticator app.
  • the e-signature process will submit the user email address and approval signing token through Comalatech's secure server without storing these details.
  • e-signature does not work if your site is configured to use a single sign-on (SSO) through Atlassian Access.
  • Comala Document Management is also integrated with inWebo - allowing clients to use inWebo to manage user authentication