Workflow builder in Comala Document Control offers a number of simple ways to customize the look and feel of the installed workflows with the app. It is a graphical way to edit an existing workflow and create a custom workflow without using the complex macro markup notation.

Using Workflow Builder

Workflow builder can be accessed using the space settings Document Management dashboard.

For the current space workflow choose the Edit with Workflow Builder option from the dropdown menu.

The workflow does not have to be enabled to access workflow builder.

Workflow builder opens with the current space workflow displayed.

Workflow builder has two main sections:

The initial view shows for the current space workflow:

  • the individual workflow states in the workflow panel.
  • a visual workflow diagram in the workflow navigator.

The workflow panel is contextual. Its contents will change according to the current task, for example editing a state; editing an approval; editing the workflow.

Creating custom workflows

Workflow builder can be used to edit and customize any of the bundled workflows. 

Edited workflows are saved as copies of the source bundled workflow as a custom workflow. The bundled workflows themselves are not changed and remain available to add as the space workflow.

Custom workflows saved in the space will also be available to add as a space workflow

To add a saved custom workflow choose Change Workflow in the space settings Document Management dashboard.

Scroll down in the Add workflow picker to choose one of the three bundled workflows. If present any saved custom workflows will also be listed in the picker.

A bundled workflow that has been edited is listed with its original name with (Copy) appended.

This occurs when edits have been made to a bundled workflow  but the workflow was not given a new name before saving the changes (for example disabling the requirement for e-signature in one of the approvals in the QMS workflow). 

Custom workflows can be imported or exported using the JSON editor. Simply copy and paste the workflow JSON markup from one space JSON editor to another.