In the space settings Document Management dashboard a space admin can select a workflow and make it active on all content in the current space.

The dashboard allows a space admin to

If the current workflow includes a workflow parameter, a space admin can set the value for the workflow parameter.

A space admin can also create (or edit) a workflow using either workflow builder or the JSON editor.

Space Settings Document Management Dashboard

  • choose Space Settings in the Confluence sidebar

  • select the Document Management option in Manage pages

The Document Management dashboard will display the current workflow for the space and the Workflow Configuration and Utilities options.

 (blue star) If the current space workflow is disabled, only the Reindex workflows option is visible. All the Utilties and Settings options are only displayed only when the workflow is enabled. 

(info) If the current workflow includes one or more workflow parameters, the Set Parameters button is also displayed to open the Parameters dialog box to edit their values.

Change the workflow in the space

Within the space settings of a given space, you can select from three available workflows to apply to the space:

Check this page to get more information about these workflows.

A single workflow can be added to the space settings Document Management dashboard.

Once added to the dashboard you can choose to make active or disable the application of the workflow across the space content. By default, the Basic Approval Workflow is added as inactive.

  • moving the tick slider on or off will activate or deactivate the currently selected workflow for the space
  • when made active the selected workflow will be added and applied on every page and blog post

To select a different workflow, simply click the Change Workflow button.

Choose the workflow you would like to add to the space Document Management dashboard from the Add workflow picker:

The current workflow for the space will be replaced by the workflow chosen in the picker.

Workflow builder

The current space workflow can be edited using workflow builder.

Open the dropdown menu next to the Edit Workflow button.

Choose Edit Workflow with Workflow Builder.

Saving one of three bundled space workflows after editing using workflow builder creates a custom workflow.

The changes are saved in an edited copy.

When saving this edited workflow copy it must be saved with a new name. Workflow builder may automatically save the edited workflow copy with the name appended with (Copy).

When editing a bundled space workflow the original workflow is not changed. You must rename the edited workflow before saving it.

All saved custom workflows are available to add and enable in the current space. They will be available in the Add Workflow picker.

Further edits can be made to each of these custom workflows using workflow builder without the need to save with a new name.

If the following error appears renaming the workflow will allow the changes to be saved in a new custom workflow.

Removing a custom workflow from the space

You can also remove a custom workflow from the space.

When the custom workflow is added to the space an additional option is available in the dropdown menu next to the Edit Workflow button.

Choose Remove workflow.

The custom workflow is permanently deleted and will no longer be available in the Add workflow picker.

You cannot remove any of the bundled workflows.

JSON Editor

The current workflow can be edited using the JSON editor. The editor can also be used to import other workflows into the current space by copying and pasting the JSON markup for the workflow from another space.

JSON is a markup language used to build the workflow. You should only use this if familiar with JSON.

Access the JSON editor by opening the dropdown menu next to the Edit Workflow button.

The JSON can be edited. 

The JSON editor will validate any changes and warning errors will be displayed with details of the validation. The application of JSON markup with validation errors is not allowed by the editor.

Changes applied to the JSON markup will be seen in workflow builder.

JSON triggers can also be added to a workflow using the Triggers option in the Edit workflow panel in workflow builder.

Any queries on importing workflows or using the JSON editor please contact Comalatech support.

Set Parameters

If the current workflow includes a workflow parameter, a space admin can set the value for the workflow parameter for the current added space workflow.

The Set Parameters button is displayed when the current space workflow includes one or more workflow parameters.

Choose Set Parameters to open the Parameters dialog box to edit the available workflow parameters for the current space workflow. The current value for the workflow parameter will also be displayed.

For example, the bundled Content Expiry Workflow has a workflow parameter, Expiration.

To change the Expiration value that will be used by the workflow

  • choose the Set Parameters button

  • edit the Expiration parameter value displayed in the popup Parameters dialog box

If the bundled Quality Management System Workflow is the added space workflow, choosing Set Parameters displays the Document User Reviewers and Document Group Reviewers workflow parameters.

If the value for the workflow parameter is changed in this dashboard, the new value will be used when the workflow is first applied to content.

The updated parameter value will also be used the next time a workflow event occurs that causes the retrieval of the workflow parameter value. For example, if the Expiration parameter value for the Content Expiry Workflow is updated by the space admin, a subsequent transition to the Approved state will use the new parameter value to set the Approved state expiry.


The utility options allow you to configure the workflow application and the workflow history for the content in the space.

Initialize states

Choose one of the workflow states from the dropdown menu to set the space mode workflow to a specific state.

Workflow History

The option CLEAR deletes the history of the workflows actions of every single page and post in the space and resets the workflow state to the initial workflow state.

This action removes the Workflow History attachment on each document.

(warning) A user with edit or admin permission can clear the workflow history for a page by deleting the Workflow History attachment.

Reindex Workflows

The option Reindex Workflows should be used when you have imported your instance or space from cloud to cloud.

There are some circumstances where you may need to reindex your workflows, for example, if your users report issues with workflow states  - document states may be shown as 'not initialized' in the Document Report and workflow history. Reindexing your workflows ensures that up-to-date workflow history is displayed for each document.

Workflow Settings

Remove view and edit restrictions

When content reaches a workflow final state the workflow can be set to remove all view and edit restrictions to all users and groups.

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