Workflow History

To view the record of who has approved or rejected the current page select Workflow History from the page tools menu (ellipsis menu).

All approvals and rejections together with comments and expirations will be recorded in the page workflow history.

If a user has been disabled or deleted the workflow history will display the users username and the default avatar. The username name is the stored user display name for the instance.

The current Workflow History can also be viewed by

  • choosing the page tools menu Attachments option
  • choose the added Workflow Report tab

No Workflow Report tab will be displayed if there is no active workflow on the content and workflow history was removed/no workflow had been previously applied. If there is no active workflow on the content but workflow history was retained the page tools Workflow History option will not be available but any previous workflow history can be viewed by opening Attachments.

(warning) A user with edit or admin permission can clear the workflow history for a page by deleting the Workflow History attachment.

(info) Space admins can also choose to remove workflow history for all content in the space using the Clear workflow history option in the space settings Document Management dashboard.

Document Management Workflow Report for the space

To see a report for the entire space choose the Workflow Report link on the left sidebar. This space report can be filtered by the current status or by approvals that are assigned to you as the current user.

My Pending Approvals

You can see the approvals that are assigned to you in the current space in the workflow report.

If there are multiple approvals in a state the reviewer avatars are replaced by the named approval avatar. Choose the approval avatar to view the assigned reviewers for an approval.

When there are multiple approvers assigned choose a reviewer to view details of all the reviewers for the approval.

The approver list is read-only. You can sort and filter the display.

You can also use a search filter on the Confluence search to find pages that are assigned to a specific person (see below).

Document state macro

Add the document state page macro to display one or more of the current workflow state, the date of change to the state and the state expiry date (if an expiry is added).

The document state macro is compatible with the Confluence page properties macro and page properties report macro.

Confluence Search Filters for Macros

Confluence provides some macros that support CQL filters, like the Content by label macro or the Page properties report macro. Comala Document Management adds a filter for "Workflow state".


If you are searching with a separate reporting/scripting tool, for example, Reporting for Confluence from ServiceRocket or ScriptRunner for Confluence from Adapatavist, using the Confluence REST API the following field names should be used:

FieldField name
Workflow statecw_state
Assigned approvercw_approver

Note that cw_state search is case sensitive

cql=cw_approver="userID" and cw_state="Approved"