Due to functional differences between the Cloud and Server platforms, we are not able to deliver 1:1 feature parity between the environments. But we are committed to a cloud experience that offers the same end result as that found in server - effective control and management of documentation.

For this reason, it is not possible to use the migration tool to migrate your existing Comalatech workflows from Server.

You must install and license the Comala Document Management for Cloud app and manually create the Comalatech workflows in your Cloud instance.

Reproducing a Comalatech workflow

A Comalatech workflow used in your Server or Data Center instance must be added manually to your Cloud instance

You will need to recreate each workflow in Confluence Cloud manually using either

There are also a number of Comalatech workflows available in Comala Document Management for Cloud

(info) There will be differences between Comalatech workflows in the Cloud app and workflows in Comala Document Management for Server app.

Due to limitations of the Atlassian Confluence Cloud platform, some Comalatech workflow server app features are not available or have a different range of functionality in Comalatech Document Management for Cloud workflows. This includes

In addition, due to Atlassian Confluence platform limitations, custom content properties are not migrated from Server to Cloud

  •  only the last workflow state data is copied but the document Workflow History (the report that maintains all the approval data per page) cannot be currently migrated

Additional app installation

If you require the capability to direct view users to approved content you will need to

  1. use the Cloud Publishing for Cloud app
  2. adjust how the workflow works in your Cloud instance

Read Confirmations will require the installation of the Comala Read Confirmations for Cloud app

If you are using Comala Document Management for Server together with other vendor third party apps, you will need to check with the vendor for the availability and features of the app in Atlassian Cloud.

Maintaining auditable history

(warning) If your organization is in a Compliance/Regulatory industry and you periodically get audited, then you will be required to keep Confluence on a Server so auditors can review your previous Workflow History/page activity and/or Page Status.

You cannot migrate the full workflow history and page status to Cloud.

Current usage of Comala Document Management in server

For help in analyzing your server instance use of Comala Document Management, you can 

Please add both the Usage data and the Support package to any support request to the Comalatech Migration Support team.

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