Comala Document Management triggers are created using JSON markup and can be added to a workflow using the workflow builder.

Experienced JSON users can also use the workflow JSON editor.

JSON Trigger Examples

JSON triggers are used in the Content Expiry workflow and the Quality Management System workflow.

You can add triggers to create your own custom Comala Document Management workflow.

Content Expiry Workflow trigger

This workflow has the following JSON trigger

	{"event": "on-expire",
		{"action": "send-email",
			"recipients": ["@creator", "@watchers", "@lastUpdatedBy"],
				{"subject": "${content.title} has expired",
				"title": "${content.title} has expired",
				"body": "Hello, ${content.link} in the ${content.space} space has expired and needs to be reviewed"}},
		{"action": "set-message",
			"type": "info",
			"title": "Expired",
			"body": "The page has expired",
			"tags": "state",
			"mode": "autoClose"}

The JSON trigger listens for the state expiry event and when this occurs

  • sends emails to the content watchers

  • displays an on-screen message when users view the page

Quality Management System Workflow trigger

The QMS Workflow has the following JSON trigger:

	{"event": "on-change-state",
		{"state": "In Approval"}
		{"action": "send-email",
			"recipients": ["@document_user_reviewers@", "@document_group_reviewers@"],
				{"subject": "${content.title} is In Approval State",
				"title": "${content.title} is In Approval State",
				"body": "Hello, ${content.link} in the ${content.space} space is in approval state and needs to be reviewed"}}

The JSON trigger listens for the state change event with a condition limiting this to the transition to the In Approval state. When this event occurs

  • email notifications are sent to the reviewers assigned to the content review in the In Approval state

The workflow reviewers for the In Approval state content review are

  • user(s) who are added as a value(s) for the workflow parameters document users reviewers
  • users who are a member of the Confluence group(s) added as a value(s) for the workflow parameter document group reviewers

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