Enabling e-signature on an approval in the workflow

The requirement for an e-signature for each user to undertake an approval in a workflow is set on each individual approval in a workflow.

The e-signature setting is edited using workflow builder accessed through the space settings Document Management dashboard.

Choose Edit with the Workflow Builder from the dropdown menu next to the current space workflow.

States with an approval will be displayed in the workflow visual flow diagram in the navigator panel with at least an approved or rejected transition from the state lozenge.

In the workflow panel, choose the state with the approval that will require authentication credentials to be provided by a reviewer.

Choose Approvals to display the approvals in the state.

Choose the approval name - in this example Approval - to edit the approval in workflow builder.

This opens the Edit Approval box.

Expand the Advanced option.

Under the Credentials section check the Requires e-signature radio button.

Choose the Apply button to update the approval with the change

  • you must Save the workflow in workflow builder
  • then Exit to add the changes to the space workflow in the space settings Document Management dashboard

If you have edited a workflow bundled with the app, the changes made create a copy of the original workflow. You will be required to change the name of the workflow before you are able to Save and Exit to the space settings dashboard. 

When e-signature is enabled the approval will require a user to use an e-signature (email and signing token).

Content reviewers will need to set up a 2FA authenticator app on a smart device to generate a signing token for the e-signature.

Comala Document Management is also integrated with inWebo - allowing clients to use inWebo to manage user authentication using their inWebo username and an OTP token.  inWebo ServiceID and API key must be added to global configuration and will disable the use of other 2FA apps for OTP.