A Comala Document Management workflow is created using JSON (Javascript Object Notation).

There are two options to customize a Comala Document Management workflow using JSON

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Creating a workflow with JSON

If you are familiar with JSON  you can use the Comala Document Management JSON editor to edit an existing workflow or create your own.

There is also a variety of widely available JSON tools for editing reformatting, validating, and parsing JSON. 

Creating a JSON trigger

A simpler way to customize a workflow is to add one or JSON triggers to an existing workflow using the trigger editor in workflow builder.

In the Content Expiry Workflow above a JSON trigger can be seen in workflow builder. The trigger listens for the expiry of the final state and sends emails to a number of users and sets a screen message.

The trigger listens for a specific workflow event to occur such as a change of state, and if any set conditions are met, will action a change.

A trigger can be created to send custom email notifications, add view restrictions or set the workflow to a new state.