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If you choose the Content Expiry Workflow to keep your content fresh, the approved pages will expire after a period of time, so that it can be reviewed again.

The workflow consists of four states:

  • Review - while the page is awaiting review.
  • Rejected - when the page is rejected.
  • Approved - when the page has been approved, this state will automatically transition to Expired once the deadline is reached.
  • Expired - when the page previously determined date is exceeded. You can always approve this version if the content is still valid.

The Approved state expiry is set on transition to the Approved state using the value of the workflow parameter, Expiration. The default value for the Expiration parameter  is a due date period of 5 months.

Each time the page is edited in either the ApprovedRejected or Expired state the workflow will transition back to the Review state (an updated transition).

(star) Adding or removing a label or attachment does not action the updated transition when the content is in the ApprovedRejected or Expired state. This transition only occurs if the content is edited and published (changing the Confluence page version).

E-signatures can be required for reviewers on each individual approval in the Review, Expired and Rejected states. The credentials requirement can be set for each approval using workflow builder.

(info) Comala Document Management workflows can be applied to pages and blog posts.

Set Parameter - Approved state expiration period

The expiration due date can be amended by a space admin using the Set Parameters option in the space settings Document Management dashboard when the Content Expiry Workflow is selected for the space.

The expiration period is set when the workflow transitions to the Approved stateIt is set by default to five months from the date the transition occurs.

The Expiration period can be set by choosing the Set Parameters button

This sets the value for the Expiration parameter used by the workflow.

The expiry period for the Approved state will be set to the current Expiration value in this dashboard

  • at the time of application of the workflow
  • every time a transition to the Approved state occurs

(info) If the workflow is applied as a page workflow to an individual page, the workflow parameter value can set on the initial application of the workflow.

Viewing the expiry date on the page

On the page, a user can open the workflow popup in the Approved state to view the current period remaining before the Approved state expires.

The workflow popup will show the current time left to the due date.

Once this date is exceeded, the page is transitioned to the Expired state.

If a user edits the content in the Expired state and saves the changes, the workflow will automatically transition the Updated content to the Review state.

The current expired content can also be reviewed in the Expired state:

  • if the content is "stale", a Reject decision will transition the content to the Rejected state for updating.
  • if the content is considered to be still current and appropriate, an Approve decision will return the content to the Approved state. The expiration date will be reset to the value stored for the workflow in the space tools dashboard.

User setting of expiry date

Users can amend the expiry date when the content is in the Approved state.

Choose the expiry clock icon in the workflow popup.

Choose the current expiry date to open the calendar.

Choose a date and select Save to amend the Approved state expiry date.

Email notifications

Once a page is expired, the Content Expiry Workflow will automatically send email notifications to page-watchers. This custom notification is created by a JSON trigger added to the workflow.