Accessing the approval editor

Choose a state name in the workflow panel (or a state lozenge in the navigator panel).

This displays the state editor for the chosen state in the left-hand workflow panel.

The state editor will display the state name and the number of Approvals and Transitions for the state.

The current state Review has a single approval. 

  • choose Approvals to display the current approvals or add a new approval (content review). 

Note that the Rejected and Approved transitions will only be available to add to the state after at least one approval has been added to the state.

Editing an approval

Choose Approvals in the state editor to display the current approvals in the state.

Existing approvals are listed (the approval name is displayed). Choose the current approval name to edit the approval.

You can edit the approval name and a range of attributes. 

Reviewer Assignment

The assignment of reviewers can be set by choosing one of the check buttons.

  • Anyone can approve. There are no restrictions (for users with view or edit permission).
  • Users can be assigned through the (workflow popup) UI. Any user can approve until a reviewer has been assigned. If more than one user is assigned then all must agree for the approval transition to occur.
  • Set all reviewers that have to approve 

The minimum number of reviewers required for an Approved transition to occur can also be specified.

If an approval can be assigned one or more reviewers the approval will be displayed with the "+" symbol appended to its icon in the state editor in workflow builder.

On the page, the workflow popup will display an option to add reviewers.

If all the reviewers are set to approve these must be added in workflow builder. These users will then be assigned by the workflow as reviewers for this approval when the transition occurs to the state with this approval.

E-signature credentials requirement for reviewers

In the Advanced settings, you can choose to set the requirement for user authentication. A reviewer will be required to confirm their identity using an e-signature to activate an approval and validate an approval decision.

Choosing the e-signature option will mean that a reviewer will need to have set a personal code as part of 2FA Authentication for the instance.

An approval that requires credentials will be displayed with a padlock appended to the approval icon in the state editor in workflow builder.

A user undertaking the approval will be required to enter their email and a time-based token generated by a third-party app in the workflow popup on the page to activate the approval options to approve or reject the content.

The first time a user opens the workflow popup in a state with an approval that requires an e-signature they will be prompted to set up a personal code.

If they have previously set up their personal code then the reviewer can simply add their email and a third party generated time-based token

The e-signature is validated when the approval decision is made by the reviewer.

Customize approval decision buttons in the workflow popup

In the Advanced option, you can also choose to customize the names displayed in the workflow popup for the Approved and Rejected decision buttons.

Adding an approval

Choose +Add Approval in the state editor to open the approval editor

 The approval must at least be named to add to the current state and open the Advanced options.

Deleting an approval

Choose Delete in the approval editor to remove the current approval from the state.

Any Approved or Rejected transitions that are present in the state must be removed separately.

Saving changes to the workflow

To save any edits to the current workflow and its states you choose the Save button in the navigator panel to save any changes made to the state editor in workflow builder.

Succesful changes saved to the workflow in workflow builder are confirmed in an on-screen message.

If you have edited one of the bundled workflows without changing the workflow then the workflow is saved as a copy of the source workflow with workflow name appended with (Copy).

Editing a custom workflow will update the workflow without appending (Copy) to the workflow name.

You must then choose Exit in the workflow builder navigator panel to return to the space settings dashboard and update the space workflow with the changes made in workflow builder.

Saving some changes to a workflow may cause an error. For example, changing the state name will not update a workflow trigger using the state name.