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Confluence 7.15+Requires at least Comala Document Control App v1.12.9
Confluence 7.1+Requires at least Comala Document Control App v1.12.6

Recent Releases

  • 1.12.13 Release NotesSecurity Advisory, update of EULA and minor bugfix
  • 1.12.12 Release NotesLibraries and dependencies maintenance and bugfix update
  • 1.12.11 Release NotesVulnerabilities update and bugfix release to stop read confirmation expiry reminders being sent to users who have already confirmed, improved error messaging and error logging, and fixed a notification error in the audit log caused by user profile setting
  • 1.12.10 Release NotesUpdate to libraries, and bugfix to support the use of parentheses as a valid character in user names and group names
  • 1.12.9 Release Noteshot fix to fix a bug that stops the workflow content status byline loading

What's New

Comala Document Control Server 1.12.0

New Document Stats Report

New Document Stats report to enable users to see a count of pages in each state

  • the report has two rows and a variable number of columns

    • header row - state names
    • body row - a number count of pages in each state
    • no filters, sorting or pagination required
  • This new report has improved performance compared to the previous report and resolves some issues that users have previously experienced

After updating, an upgrade task should be initiated by a Global Administrator to ensure that all data required for the Document Actions report is available. See Upgrade to 1.11 for more details.

Comala Document Control Server 1.11.0

New Document Actions Report

  • Replaces the 'Document Tasks' page in your User Profile
  • Replaces the 'Document Tasks' Dashboard component

  • This new report has improved performance compared to the previous report and resolves some issues that users have previously experienced

  • A global configuration option is provided to disable the Dashboard component if required. For example when you use a custom theme

After updating, an upgrade task should be initiated by a Global Administrator to ensure that all data required for the Document Actions report is available. See Upgrade to 1.11 for more details.

Comala Document Control Server 1.10.0

New Document States Report Macro

  • Introducing the first of our new report macros - Document States Report Macro. This macro enables you to configure and display a report about the pages with workflows in your space, or your entire Confluence Instance.
  • The report provides the same capabilities that are in the existing workflow report macro, plus

    • New report look and feel

    • Improved macro configuration, with easier to use filtering

    • Ability to choose which report columns to display, and the order to display them in

    • Improved performance, resolving issues with the existing workflow report macro

Your existing workflow report macros will not be affected by this change, you can choose when to use the new macro. 

Comala Document Control Server 1.9.0

E-Signatures using signing token

Approvals can now use a signing token as an alternative to a user's Confluence credentials. This method is compatible with sites that use external authentication services such as single sign on (SSO).

E-signatures are configured and managed at the global admin level

Comala Document Control Server 1.8.0

Progress Tracker

The Document Control progress tracker has been refreshed.

Comala Document Control Server 1.7.0

Read Confirmation

Comala Document Control 1.7.0 brings updates to the Read Confirmation feature:

Standalone Read Confirmations

Previously, Read Confirmations could only be used as a part of a page approval workflow. Now Read Confirmations can be added to any page without the need for reviews and approvals.

Setting Due Date

A due date can now be added and updated in the Read Confirmation dialog by clicking on the clock icon.

Read Confirmation request option

At final review, the reviewer can decide if read confirmations should be assigned.

Comala Document Control Server 1.6.0

Data Center compatibility

  • Comala Document Control 1.6.0 has been updated to support Confluence Data Center.
  • As part of this update Data Center read only mode is now also supported.

Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixes several UI issues regarding internationalization and messaging.
  • If a user without workflow permission is trying to access a non approved page via the approved page url, an error message will be displayed.
  • For this release we have made a slight change to the minimum supported Confluence version from 6.0.1 to 6.0.7.

Comala Document Control Server 1.5.0

This is the first release of Comala Document Control 1.5.0, formerly Comala Workflows Lite.

The new name better describes the scope and use of the app. While workflows will continue to play an important role, Comala Document Control offers much more than just approval workflows. Teams are not only using our app to add approvals, they’re using it to add formal document control to their pages. Comala Document Control tells a much more complete story about what our apps can do.

Read Confirmation

This release introduces the Read Confirmation feature to Comala Document Control

  • Request that your users confirm they have read your approved content
  • New users can be added to the list of users already assigned the read confirmation.
  • Send New Request button added. This action will send a reminder when the page has been updated after being already confirmed.

Comala Workflows Lite Server 1.4.0

Approval Roles

This release introduces a new feature that allows approvers to use the optional approval role field to record the roles that your approvers are performing. This is a more flexible method of capturing roles compared to named reviews, and allows you to easily assign ad hoc roles when necessary.

These roles can be created and shared to group other reviewers.

Suggested Contributors

Comala Workflows Lite will suggest assignees that were recent contributors to the page.

Comala Workflows Lite Server 1.3.0

New Due Date feature

A Due Date can now be assigned to a page in Approved state. When the Due Date is reached the page will go back to Review state.

The Due Date can be entered by clicking on the clock image or selecting the "Set due date" entry in the "..." menu.

Comala Workflows Lite Server 1.2.0

Improved Workflows Lite Dialog Layout

The visual design of the Workflows Lite Dialog Pop-up has been improved. It's now easier to use, and is up to date with the latest Confluence styling.

New Space Workflows Lite Report

The space level Workflows Lite report received a makeover in this release. We have completely rebuilt the front end to allow configurable columns.

(At this time only the space workflow report has been changed. Other macro and user profile reports keep their existing functionality for now.)

This new report performs quicker than our old report because it now uses the native Confluence search API. The trade-off of this speed improvement is that the property data used in the report needs to be setup the first time. This should happen automatically, but please see the Upgrade Instructions section for more information.

It is recommended to rebuild the indexes to get accurate results in the new space workflow report.

Updated minimum Confluence compatibility

Starting with Workflows Lite version 1.2.0, the new minimum version of Confluence that the app is compatible with is Confluence 6.0.1.

Comala Workflows Lite Server 1.1.0

New Onboarding for Workflows Lite

This release adds introduction information about Comala Workflows Lite for new users to Confluence.


For this release there is a introduction screen as well as a in page message for page authors to let them know about the new functionality.

The Onboarding feature can be disabled via an admin setting in Confluence General Configuration.

Comala Workflows Lite Server 1.0.0

Welcome to Comala Workflows Lite Server

We have bought the Workflows Lite product that currently is only available for Confluence cloud to server customers for the first time.

Ensure your Confluence content is validated before publishing with Comala Workflows Lite.

  • Select from three unique Comalatech-created workflows
  • Include one or more reviewers to sign off on content
  • Approvals with E-Signatures for compliance
  • View approved documents, or review those pending approval
  • Define approvals and reviewers on a per page or space basis
  • Manage your documentation stages
  • Generate space reports
  • Log page approval activities