Comala Document Control Server 1.12.2


Comala Document Control Server for Confluence 1.12.2 is an update and bug fix release.

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Updates and Bugfixes

  • updated Document States Report to include options for selection of additional columns (space, created, created by)
  • fixed a problem to ensure that after executing a space population job, there is only one version for each content property for each page of the space

  • updated the display of the due date in Read Confirmations

  • fixed a problem updating Read confirmations status in the Document Report
  • resolved a problem to ensure when an approval is reassigned, approvalunassigned event is set before after pageapprovalassigned event.
    trigger has to fire before pageapprovalassinged trigger because after the reassignment, the approval is assigned
  • updated German translation for occurrences of "All" in report filters