When applied to a page, Comala Document Approval creates a distinction between draft and approved content

  • the Approved state is defined as the approved (or final) content)
  • content in the other states is considered as draft content

Draft states and the approved state

When the Comala Document Approval app is added and applied to the content the initial approval state is the Review state. The content is considered to be in a draft state.

There are two draft states in the approval workflow.

Draft States

The Review state. This is the initial state in the approval workflow and is the state set by default when adding the approval.

The Rejected state. Content in the Rejected state has undergo an approval process and has been rejected

Both the Review and the Rejected state contain a content review

When the content is in one of these states, a user can choose to approve or reject the content

When content is approved, the applied workflow transitions the content to a third state - the Approved state. This is the published state.

Final State

The Approved state is defined as the published (or final) state for the approval workflow.

Content in the Approved state has undergone an approval process and one or more users have approved the content.

If the Approved content is updated, a new version is automatically created in the Review state

Your content can only be in one of the approval workflow states at any one time. But both the last Approved version and current draft version in either the Rejected or Review state can be viewed.

Page sub-title status links

If the content has previously been published but is currently in a draft state, you will see the View approved link on the content byline item.

The second link View approved will take you to the last approved version of the page.

The content byline link with the state name and state indicator circle denotes the current draft version state for the content.

You will see similar breadcrumb links if you are viewing the current Rejected state and there is a current Approved version.

In the Approved state the content byline will include a link to any draft state that has a pending approval.

If a user is viewing a different version to the currently approved version a link allows you to compare the approved versions.

Note: If you require fully secure publishing of content, you need to use Comala Document Management (Server) and space publishing to get the full Confluence permissions involved.