Lists let you work with page properties, labels, and metadata values in one location.

Working with a displayed list added to a page 

The content displayed in a list on the page is configured using the board filters in the list editor.

On the published page users can add, remove and edit the rows that are displayed using the filters on the label columns.

Users are also able to add, edit and remove list column values.

The default display is for 20 lines in the list. This can be set in the list editor. If there are more list rows than this, they can be displayed by choosing More.

Additional pages can be added to the displayed list

Add a row and a page to a list 

To add a row and a page to the list:

  • Click the + to add a blank row to your list.
  • Enter a new name to create a new page.
  • Select properties, labels or metadata for the new page.
  • Enter details then click Save.

If there are existing list columns, the values can be added before saving the new page to the list.

Add or remove labels

Label columns are displayed with values as either:

  •  tick -  the row page has the column label
  •  cross - the row page does not have the column label

You can:

  • choose a  tick to toggle to a  cross and remove the label. 
  • choose a  cross toggle to a  tick and add the label. 

You can also use the column dropdown menu to bulk change the label.


  •  fill  sets the tick as each row value and adds the column label value to all the displayed row pages
  •  fill  sets the cross as each row value and removes the column label value from all the displayed row pages

Filter the displayed list

Some column types let you filter rows on the fly.

To filter a column with checkmarks and crosses select a column header and choose the V arrowhead to filter the list display.

  •  filter displays only content with the column label
  •  filter displays only the content that does not have the column label
  • any will display all pages from the content set by the board filter in the Edit list dialogue box.

Dropdown column - filter

The label dropdown column filter works similarly to the label filter. It's used for columns with a multiple selection of labels.

You can also sort the list on this column value using the displayed arrow in the column header.

This column filter is applied on top of any filters defined in the list editor.

Expand a list

The list's properties determine the number of list rows visible on the page.

Click More on the bottom of the list to expand the list and see more rows.