The Tasks Blueprint lets you visually manage a team's project tasks.

You can list, assign, and move tasks around containers. When the task moves to a new container the task's status changes.

Add the Tasks Board to a new page

Choose the Create ellipsis menu:

Select the Tasks Boards Blueprint:

The Tasks Board is created initially with a single row for your user.

The tasks board is displayed with a single row. This first row will be by default for the current user but can be changed in the Create Board Page box. 

You can also

  • enter a username in the Tasks Board window to add an additional row for a team member.
  • repeat this to add a new row for each additional team member you want to add to the tasks board.

There is also an option to Customize the board before creating the page.

Choose Create to create the new page with the Tasks Board added.

You can add cards to team members' containers. Then drag cards and pages into containers that match the state of the task.

Note that the default name for the new page is Tasks Board. You must edit this page title to allow the use of the Tasks Board Blueprint to create other new pages in the space.

You can edit the Tasks Board properties including:

  • change color
  • add descriptions
  • labels
  • change usernames
  • add new rows for additional usernames

Boards Exchange has details of the range of other boards available.