The Strategy Board Blueprint is the quickest way for you to insert popular business frameworks and boards into your page.

Add the Strategy Board Blueprint to a new page

Choose Create to open the Blueprints window, then select the Strategy Board

The Create Board Page dialogue box is displayed.

Choose a board, for example, the SWOT Analysis board to display details of the board in the Create Board Page dialogue box. This activates the Create button.

Select Create to create a new page with the chosen board. 

Customize the board by editing the board macro added to the page.

Note that the default name for the new page is SWOT Analysis. You must edit this page title to allow further use of the Strategy Canvas Blueprint Analysis with the SWOT Analysis board.

Cards and pages can be added to the board on the published page.

Any board pages are added as child pages to the page containing the strategy board.

Strategy boards available include:

  • Lean Kanban board
  • Product Roadmap
  • PESTLE Board
  • Project Retrospective

Boards Exchange has details of the range of available boards.

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