You can define a board's properties in Board properties dialogue box in the board editor

  • board name
  • board description
  • types of card supported (cards and/or card-pages)
  • the maximum number of cards that will be viewed in a board container
  • board alignment
  • set board container heights to match across a row or the whole board
  • display of board description on published board
  • notifications to page watchers of board changes
  • hide/display option for users to clear the board of all cards

Edit the board properties

On a page with an existing board macro:

  • Edit the page.

  • choose Edit the Comala Board macro.

Select the Board properties option in the drop-down menu board editor to open the board's properties.

Board properties can be edited using the tools, text entry and checkbox options displayed in the Board properties dialogue box.

List of Board properties and board properties tool box icons

Board PropertiesDescription
Board name

This is the board name that appears on the page. 

Board descriptionDescription of the board contents and use. 
Supported card types 

Define if containers accept cards, card-pages, or both.

At least one type must be enabled.  Both types can be enabled for the board.

Cards belong to the board. Pages (page-cards) are linked to Confluence pages. Pages must be enabled for the board to convert a card to a page-card

Template for new pages

Boards can have a Confluence page template specified in their configuration which will be used when a page-card has been created from the board. The template will be applied when creating a new page or converting an existing card to a page.

  • Templates with variables are not currently supported.
  • Cards whose body contains wiki-markup must be converted to Confluence editor format manually

When converting a card to a page-card, if a template is set, the page title and contents will depend on whether the card has a title and any body text.

Maximum card load per container

The maximum number of cards and pages visible inside a board container.

  • The user is given the option to view more.
Properties toolbox icons

The alignment of the board on the page. Board is left-aligned by default.

Use properties toolbox icons to choose board alignment:

  • left-aligned (default).
  • center-aligned.
Match cell heights

Choose to match cell heights:

  • across a row.
  • across the whole board.
Container descriptions

Whether or not board container descriptions are displayed.

  • Container descriptions can still be hidden after the board has been rendered on a page using the board title drop-down menu.
Card multi-line text display

When selected, multi-line text will be displayed within a card.

If selected, page watchers will receive notifications when board contents change. 
Hide/Display Clear Board option

Toggle button to hide/display on the page the Board Name dropdown menu option for users to clear a board of all cards.

Clearing a board of cards also removes associated labels from all pages linked to the cards being cleared.