Content filters on a board

Together, board filters and container labels determine what is displayed on a board on a published page. 

  • board filters define the subset of pages available to a board
  • container labels define which of those filtered pages can appear in a board container

Board filters

The board editor allows you to select Filters to set the board's filters.

You can filter pages by

  • Labels - pages with all matching labels (AND condition) can appear on the board
  • Space - pages in this space only can appear on the board
  • Parent - the parent page; all child pages can appear on the board

Container filters

Labels can be set to act as filters for each container.

 The board containers contain page-cards that are filtered by the board container labels for the child pages of the Game Development page.

The board containers contain the filter to show only content with the ios label.

A board could be created to display both ios and android content. The android pages are appended in this example with the label ados.

The child pages of the Game Development page are displayed on the board in separate rows for each label.


Let's say you have multiple projects and you want an overview page to track the status of each project.

The projects are structured as a project overview parent page with individual project pages.

On each project page, a MoSCow board has been added for the individual project.

When initially creating these individual project boards, ensure you add a label to each board container that is unique to the project. Any cards and card-pages created will be appended with both container name label and this project label.

The second project page also uses a MoSCoW board.

The project pages including those created from the creation of board cards.

  • Recruitment Project card pages created will be appended with container name label and the project label recruit
  • Wellness Project card pages created will be appended with container name label and the added project label well

On the project overview page, create multiple boards. These can be Tasks Blueprint or Kanban-style boards that reflect the progress of each project.

The content on the overview boards can be set in the board editor Filter tab

  • the Parent filter parameter on each overview-page board to the corresponding parent page name
  • the added project label

To create a different overview board to the individual project pages, the container labels must be edited to be the same as the corresponding container labels from the individual project board.

  • only card-pages will be displayed
  • each project team can add cards for discussion to the individual project board. Converting these to card-pages will display these in the overview page board

The overview board can be

  • a single overview board for both projects
  • a different type of board

The board can also be edited to only display chosen containers.

Moving cards to different containers on an overview board will move the card in the individual project board. The card labels and the linked Confluence page labels will change to those of the destination container.

You cannot move cards between boards, even if there are two boards on the same page.