Getting started with Comala Boards Lists

What is a list?

A list presents page properties in a table format. Use a list to quickly add or remove properties associated with all space pages.

How can I use lists?

Once you have installed Comala Boards, you can use lists to:

  • create your own lists to categorize, manage and review your pages and labels
  • add lists to individual pages
  • customize an existing list

Add a list to a page

To add a list to a page insert the Comala Boards List macro into the Confluence draft page.

There are three existing lists that can be chosen in the Insert List dialogue box.

You can also choose to add an empty list and edit the criteria for the content to be displayed using the list editor.

Add the Popular labels list

The Popular labels list can be used to display the pages in a space and all their labels.

Use the dropdown menu to select the Popular labels list.

The default criteria for the list is the current space. You can define specific labels, a parent page, a specific space or all spaces. You can also define the depth of the children from the parent for the displayed list.

Choose Insert to add the default to display all content in the current space and their labels.

Filtering the display of a list

You can filter the displayed list using the label column headings.

Managing content labels 

Labels for the displayed content can be changed using the displayed list.

  • select a displayed tick or cross to add or remove a label for the individual page.
  • use the dropdown label columns to add or remove labels for multiple pages.

Create your own list

In Insert List you can choose to add an 'Empty list' to a page.

Continue opens the List editor.

The pages displayed in the list are the child pages of the current page.

Choose the current column heading + to add another column.

Columns can be configured to be a number of different types of list.

Configure the heading for the column and if required the options for the column values.

Choose Accept.

Choose Insert to add to the Boards List macro on the draft page.

Update the page to view the new list.

Board filter

You can define criteria to filter what content should be included in the list.

The list can be configured in the list editor to filter the content based on space, parent page and content labels.

Board properties

The board properties can be edited to add a list name and define aspects of the list display on the page.

The list can be

  • limited to the maximum number of rows to be displayed at one time on the page.
  • sorted either ascending or descending by modified date, page title or date created.

The list display can be set as Justified.

If pages are created from the list, these can be set to be created from a specific page template.