Add one of a range of Comala Boards to Confluence pages to meet your business or team need

MoSCoW Board  |  Lean Start Up Kanban Board  |  Tasks Board

Create your own custom boards

Customize a board | Board editor |  Edit a board

Let your team dynamically add cards to your board

Cards | Add a card

Automatically create linked Confluence pages from the cards on your board

Page-cards | Convert a card to a page | Add a page-card

Manage your teams, projects, and tasks with dynamic updating of labels for your cards as they are moved on your board

Board labels  Move cards on a board

Use the included Comala Boards Lists to create your own lists to categorize, manage and review your pages and labels

Boards Lists Using lists  Boards Lists editor

View a range of Comala Boards available in Comala Boards Exchange