Edit the board design 

On a page with a MoSCoW board added:

  • choose Edit the page
  • select the option to Edit the Comala Board macro.

Use the Design tools in the board editor to customize the board.

Full-screen mode

Since version 2.2.1 of the app, the users can make use of the full screen to make the design of big boards more convenient:

Design tools

RowsColumnsAdd/Delete ContainerContainer Color and IconHeader/Footer

  • Add rows below or above the chosen row.
  • Delete the chosen row.

The new row will have the same number of columns as the chosen row.

  • Add columns in the current row to the left or right of the chosen column.
  • Delete the chosen column in the current row.

Adding or deleting a column only occurs in the current row. This can be used to create an asymmetrical board.

  • Add a container to the current row or column. You can add more than one container to a row if the board is configured to allow this.
  • Delete the current chosen container.

  • Add a color scheme from a drop-down menu to a chosen container.
  • Add an icon from a drop-down menu to a chosen container.

Icons can also be added to a container by adding the URL for the link to the icon image file.

Displays the text entry boxes to add footers and headers to each column and row

Be careful when adding and deleting rows or columns on a board. If you wish to create your own board from an existing board it is best to copy the board and design your new board in the duplicate.

You can also drag and drop to move containers to new rows or columns.

Save the changes to add the updates to the draft page.

Choose Update to view the board on the published page.

Edit the board properties

To edit the board properties, in the Edit board dialogue box choose Board properties from the drop-down menu.

Choose the board properties to edit the board behavior and characteristics.

You can set the board properties:

  • to allow cards or cards and card-pages.
  • to limit the number of cards that can be added to a container.
  • to add a board description.
  • edit the board name.
  • set for use with a template for new pages.

The board properties can also be edited using the board properties tool icons

Board properties tools

Board alignmentMatch board cell heights 

Show/hide container descriptions

Allow multiline text in containers

Enable/disable notifications

for board watchers

  • center align board on page
  • left align board on page
  • match cell heights across columns in a row
  • match cell heights across the board
  • hide board container descriptions on the published page. They can still be viewed by using the board title drop-down arrow menu
  • allow multi-line text to be displayed in board cards
  • notify page watchers of changes in the board - adding or removing cards.

If you need more than one copy of a board template in a space, you need to change the name of the added board.

In a space, boards with the same name are linked. Linked boards will show the same information and if cards change on one of the linked boards, all other boards are updated.

Edit the board filters

The board content displayed can be filtered based on page labels and location.

The board editor filter includes

  • page labels.
  • all spaces or a specific space.
  • child pages of a chosen parent.
  • depth of page hierarchy for child pages.

Choose Apply to add all the changes to the board macro.

Update the page to view the board on the published page.

The MoSCoW items board has been edited to change both the color scheme and the icons for the existing containers.

An additional row has been added, but with only two columns. 

The board properties have also been set to hide the container descriptions.