Customize a container

An individual container color scheme can be customized and an icon added. 

Containers are edited and added to the board using the board editor.

You can also edit a container name, add a description and one or more labels.

Edit a container 

Choose Edit the page and select the option to edit the Comala Board macro.

Use the Design tools in the board editor to add a container color scheme or a container icon.

Edit a container color scheme

Use the design tool icon to choose a color scheme for a selected container.

Edit color scheme

  • the icon will display the current color scheme for the chosen container
  • opens the drop-down menu to select a color scheme for the individual container.

  • choose a new color scheme from the drop-down palette options.
  • select Apply in the board editor to add to the board macro.

Add or change a container icon

An image can be added as an icon to help identify each container. 

The icon can be selected by:

  • selecting from a palette in a drop-down menu in the board editor.
  • adding a URL to link to an image for the icon.

Use the design tool icon to choose or change an icon for a selected container.

Edit container icon

  • the container icon tool will display the chosen container icon.
  • if the container has no current icon the icon tool image defaults to a smiley emoji.
  • choose the container icon to view a palette of container icon options in a drop-down window.

  • scroll down the palette window to view further options
  • add an absolute URL to add an image file as an icon.
  • choose  x Remove container icon to delete an existing container icon

The container image icons are displayed on the board appended to the container title.