Create and customize a new board

You can create your own customized Comala Board. 

  1. Choose the Comala board macro to add a board to your page

Select Create a new board.

Scroll to choose the number of cells (rows and columns) for the new board.

The board editor will be displayed with one row and two columns with a board container in each cell.

Choose the tools icons on the board and containers to customize the board design.

Customize the color scheme for a board container

You can change the color scheme for each individual container.

Customize the icon for each board container

You can scroll down the icon box to add one of the bundled icons to the container or add a URL to an image for the icon.

Add board container name, description, and label(s)

Choose More...  to add a description for a container. Adding a name to a new board container adds this name as a container label.

Choose Apply to add any changes to a container to the board editor.

Add row and column headers and footers

Changes to the board design and board containers will be displayed in the Design board in the board editor.

In the Design board, you can drag and drop to move containers to new rows or columns.

Edit the Board properties

You can also set custom properties for the board. These include:

  • the board name and description.
  • the way the board and contents are displayed on the page.
  • the use of cards and/or page-cards on the board.
  • limits on the number of cards for each container.

Choose Save to add your new board to the draft page and then choose Update to save your new board to the published page.

Customize an existing board

An existing board can be customized using the board editor. This can be done even if cards have been added to the board.

Choose Edit the page with the added board and then Edit the board macro.

Use the board editor to customize your board layout and container design and configure the board properties.

To create an asymmetrical table you may have to add additional rows or columns and temporarily move the existing containers to a temporary cell position.

You can also configure the board filters for the content of linked boards to be displayed on your board.

Existing added board cards may not be visible on the board on the published page if the labels for a current board container are changed or removed.

To add the labels to an existing card

  • create a container in the board editor.
  • apply the changes to the board macro and update the Confluence page. 
  • move all cards to the new container.
  • edit the board containers to add the new labels.
  • apply the changes to the board macro and update the Confluence page again.
  • move the cards back to the original containers.

The cards moved to the new container will be updated with the new container labels. The newly empty container can be removed.

If the cards are all page cards, the linked Confluence pages can be edited individually to add the change in the container labels. 

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