What is a Comala Boards Blueprint?

Boards Blueprints are accessible via the Confluence Blueprints Create button. They allow you to get started quickly using boards. 

Create a new page using a Comala Boards blueprint

To create a new page with a board choose Create to access blueprints.

Choose one of the Board Blueprints

Add a Strategy Board Blueprint

Choosing the Strategy Board blueprint allows the selection of the board for the page being created.

The selected board is display in the Create Board Page dialogue box.

Choose Create to create the page with the board.

Add a Tasks Board Blueprint

Choosing the Tasks Board blueprint will create a page with a tasks board.

  • the tasks board is created with a single board row for the current user.
  • if required, add additional Confluence users as team members to the board. This adds a board row for that user.

Choose Create to create the page with the board.

(info) A board can be customized by editing the board macro on the page.

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