What is the board editor?

The board editor is the interactive design tool that helps you modify existing boards or create your own awesome boards.

Work with the board editor to

Accessing the board editor

  1. Choose Edit the page with the added board macro
  2. Select the board macro
  3. Click Edit

The Edit Board window appears.

Use the dropdown menu options to edit and configure the board and board containers.

  • Design board - edit the design and layout of the board and the board containers
  • Board properties - edit the board name, description and display options
  • Board filters - edit the label, space and parent page filters to display content on the board
  • Board markup -  add or edit the board markup

The Design board option is displayed by default.

Choose the full-page option buttonto view the Design board editor in full-page mode.

Board Design

The Design board tools can be used to edit the board layout and look and feel. 

Add and remove board rows

Add and remove board columns

Add and delete a board container

Add a color scheme and/or an emoji to a container

Display and edit row and column header

The tool icons in the board editor allow you to customize the design of the board.

  • add board rows above or below the selected row
  • add board columns before or after the selected column
  • remove selected board rows or columns (including their containers)
  • add and remove a selected board container
  • edit the color scheme and emoji for a container
  • add column and row headers and footers

Container Design

Individual board containers can also be customized to add or edit their name, label(s) or description.

Choose a container in the  Design board.

You can

  • edit the name for the container. If you change the existing name of a container, this will not automatically add the new name as a container label
  • edit the container labels or add multiple labels as a comma-separated list
  • choose More ... to edit the description for the container. In Board properties, you can choose whether the description is displayed in the board container on the published page

In the board editor, individual containers can also be dragged and dropped to another cell on the board.

To add changes to each individual board container choose Apply.

To add changes to the published board, you must also choose Apply in the board editor and Update the Confluence page.

Board Properties

The board editor can be used to edit the properties of the board.

In setting the Board properties you can:

  • add or edit the name of the board
  • add or edit the board description
  • select the checkbox for the supported card types for the board
  • choose the template to use for the creation of new pages
  • set the maximum number of cards users can add to a container. Leave blank for an unrestricted card load

The board properties tools can be used to manage the board display and notifications for watchers.

Align board

center or left

on published page

Match cell heights

across rows

across the board

Hide container descriptions

Display multi-line text in cards

Notify card watchersHide/ display clear cards option on board

You can use these tools to

  • display the board either center-aligned or left-aligned
  • match the board cell heights either across rows or across the board
  • hide or display container descriptions. If displayed, an individual user has the option to choose to hide these whilst viewing the board
  • display multiple lines of text in cards. If not selected, a user can choose a card to display any additional lines of text
  • enable or disable the notification of card watchers of changes on the board
  • hide/display the option on the board name dropdown menu for users to clear a board of all cards

Board Filters

The board editor can be used to set filters for the content that is displayed by the board.

The board content displayed can be filtered by

  • the container label(s)
  • specific space or all spaces. Leave blank for the default setting of the current space
  • parent page. The default is @self for the current page

Markup Editor

Advanced users can use markup to create or edit a board

Markup is included here for reference only. Users intending to edit or create boards using markup should contact Comalatech support.