Adding a page-card

To add a page-card to a container

  • move mouse over a container.
  • choose the displayed + Add page.

  • a page-card is added to the container.
  • the page title is the first line of text entered when adding the page-card.
  • a linked Confluence page is also created.

If the board properties setting allows, there is an option to toggle between creating a page-card or a card.

Selecting the page-card in the container will display any further page-card content. 

Linked Confluence pages

The linked page is created as a child of the page with the added Canvas board.

The linked child page is created with:

  • a page title that is the name of the page-card in the board container.
  • page labels from the board container.
  • content from the page in the board container.

The content of the child page can be edited. Any edits will be viewable on the board container page.

  • Moving the page between board containers will update the linked page with the destination container label and remove the previous container label.

Removing a page-card

A page-card in a container can be permanently deleted by choosing to Remove the card:

  • deleting a page-card from the board container removes it permanently from the board.
  • the previously linked page is NOT deleted. 

Deleting a linked Confluence page in the space will remove the board container page.

Converting a card to a page-card

If board properties are set to allow cards and page-cards on the board, any card on a board can be converted to a page-card.

You cannot change a page-card to a card. You can ONLY convert a card to a page-card.