Add a container to a board

Containers can be added to a board using the Board Editor.

Containers can be added to new or existing rows and columns. A row can have multiple containers in a single column.

Each container can have a name, one or more labels, a description and an icon added.

Add a container 

Choose Edit the page and select the option to edit the Comala Board macro.

Use the Design tools in the board editor to add, remove and move containers on the board.

Add or remove a container

Use the design tool icons to add or remove containers from a row cell or column cell.

Add a containerDelete a container

  • adds a container to the current row cell or column cell.

Adding a board container does not add a board row or board column. 

  • removes a container from the current row cell or column cell.

Deleting a container does not remove the row or column. It may leave an empty cell.

Here is the resulting board after adding a container to the first cell in the MoSCoW Items board example.

The board still only has one row. The first column in the row contains two cells. 

You can reposition a container. Simply drag and drop to move a container to a different row or column.

In the Design board you can use the board design tool icons to:

You can also Click to edit on a container to: