Add a board to an existing page

Add the board macro to a page

Use the board macro to add a board to an existing page.

Add the Comala Boards macro from the draft page Macro suggestions:

Or from the insert content menu:

Or in these options access the macro browser by choosing Other macros/Open macro browser.

You can just search and install one of the configured board macros.

These boards are also available to when using the Insert Board picker.

Board picker 

The Insert Board picker appears when you choose to add the macro.

The picker allows the choice from three groups of existing boards:

  • Featured Boards: insert from a selection of bundled boards.
  • Popular Boards: view and select popular boards used by other users in the instance.
  • Discover Boards: boards currently available in Boards Exchange.

You can also choose to create a new board or import a board.

Choosing Discover Boards allows you to browse a range of dynamic boards available in Boards Exchange.

Insert a board

Choose the board you want to add to the page.

The board is displayed in the Insert Board dialogue box.

  • Choose Insert to add the macro to the draft page.

Publish the board on the page by choosing Update.

  • the board name is the same as the chosen board template.
  • the default display of the board includes the container descriptions.

If the container descriptions are set as visible in the board properties, users can choose to hide the descriptions whilst viewing the board using the Hide Descriptions option of the board title dropdown menu.

Cards can be added to the containers on the published board.

Edit the board 

Each board can be customized. This includes options to edit:

  • the look and feel of the board by adding rows and columns and headers.
  • the color scheme and icon for each container.
  • the name and description for each container.

Choose Edit the page and select the option to Edit the board macro.

Use the Design board tools in the Edit Board dialogue box to customize the board.

Choose Board properties to edit the board properties.

Boards with the same name in a space are linked. Linked boards will show the same information and if cards change on one of the linked boards, all other boards are updated.

If you need more than one copy of a board template in a space, you will need to change the name each time you add the board.

Create and insert your own board

Instead of using one of the board samples you choose to create your own board.

Add the Board macro to the draft page.

Select Create your own board in the Insert Board picker.

Drag your mouse and then click to define your board grid. 

Dragging and clicking your mouse to define the board grid will open the Board design option.

You need to edit at least one container to add a container name or a label to activate the Insert board button.

Mouse over a container and choose Click to edit.

Add a container name or just a label. Adding a container name will automatically add the name as a container label.

Choose Apply to add the changes to the container.

You can edit the board further before inserting to the page. Use the Design board tool icons to add a color scheme for each container or an icon. Or add additional rows and containers.

Set Board properties including name and types of board cards that can be used on your board. Choose Board properties from the Insert board drop-down menu.

Chose the now active blue Insert button to add your new board to the macro on the draft page.

Update the page to view the board on the published page.

Child pages of the current page with the added board with the same label as a container will be displayed as a card in that container. A child page without a label will be displayed as a board card in a container if the container has no label.

Find images and descriptions of available practical boards at Boards Exchange.