Add, delete, and move board containers

Each board is divided into columns and rows into which you can add a container. You can add and move containers to organize and customize your board.

Add a container

To add a board container:

  1. Edit the page with the added board

  2. Choose Edit the board macro

  3. If not displayed by default, select Design board in the board editor

  4. Select the 'High Priority' container

    We will add a second container to the this column. This container will be in the first (and only current) row of the board.

  5. Choose the add container design tool icon

  6. Select "Click to Edit on the new container

  7. Add a name to the new container


    • when creating a new container the name is automatically added as a label to the container
    • If required, customize the look and feel of the new container

  8. Choose Apply to update the board macro on the draft page

  9. Select Update to add the changes to the board on the page

The new container is added to the board.  

  • the new container name is displayed
  • the container has been added to the existing row

Move a container

You can move a container within or between columns and rows.

To move a board container

  1. Select the Design board in the board editor

  2. Choose the container you wish to move and release the container into its new location

    • drag and drop the container by choosing the body of the container
    • release the container into its new location

  3. Click Apply

You can add additional columns or rows prior to moving the container if required.

  • an additional row has been added
  • each row has been customized to display a header
  • containers will automatically resize to the width/height of the destination columns/rows
  • container heights can be set in the board properties to be matched across a row or across the board

Delete a container

  1. In the Edit macro dialogue box select the Design board

  2. Choose the container to be deleted from the board

  3. Choose the Remove container design tool icon

    • you can drag and drop any remaining containers to rearrange the board layout

  4. Click Apply