What is a board?

A Comala Board is a fast and effective way for you to brainstorm and visualize your content and ideas. 

A board can be embedded in an existing page by adding the boards macro. 

There are a number of board templates that can be used to help you get started, such as the SWOT Analysis board.

You can customize an existing board template or you can create your own board.

Add a board to a page

Edit a Confluence page.

Select the Comala Boards macro to add the macro to the draft page.

Choose an existing board in the board picker to add to the page.

The available boards are displayed under different categories.

Choose a board to view board outline details.

Boards are available for task management, strategic business frameworks and agile processes.

Choose Insert to add the board to the macro on the draft page.

If you want to edit the board macro before adding to the published page select the pencil tool to open the board editor and customize the board layout, container names, icons and colors if required.

Choose Publish to add the board to the published page.

Cards can be added to the board by users without the need to edit the page. Users can also drag and drop cards between cells (or containers) on the board.

Moving a page-card between containers on the board will change the label(s) of the linked page to those of the new board container.

Click a container name on the published board to display the container description and any container labels.

Adding cards to a board

Cards can be added to any container on the board by users.

Cards can be simply cards on the board or page-cards with a linked Confluence page.

Add a card

Choose a container and either:

  • hover over the top right corner and select the plus symbol +.
  • double-click the body of the container.

Type the name required for the new card.

Choose Add.

Add a page-card

If a page exists in the current space with the proposed card name you can select the suggested page to add as a card title

Choose Add to add the card to the container.

The new card is hyper-linked to the page as a page-card

An option is provided to search for page names in other spaces.

Converting an existing card to a page-card with a linked confluence page

Existing cards on the board can be converted to a page-card to create a linked Confluence page as a child page to the current page.

Then choose Convert to page.

Page-cards can also be created from existing Confluence pages in the space.

Type the first letters and the possible options for a page to be linked to the card will be listed.

Edit a card

Choose a card to edit the contents of the card.

Add or amend card contents and choose the tick to confirm.

If you add a soft return (shift/return) to create a new line of text in the card, only the first line is displayed in the card on the board. 

Mouse-over a card on the board to see any additional text (if present).

You cannot edit a page-card contents. But any change in the title of the linked page will be reflected in the card name on the board.

Remove a card

To remove a card from the board mouse-over a card and choose the trashcan icon.

Then choose Remove.

Removing a page-card does not delete the linked Confluence page or change the labels of the page.