Working with Issues

Moving issues

To move issues around your boards, click on the issue and simply drag it to the desired location, then release the mouse.

Moving an issue this way updates the attributes of the issue.

Displaying Issue Dependencies

You can display visual dependencies between issues to

  • highlight blockers
  • relationships
  • clones or duplicates

This is particularly critical for teams using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to enterprise-scale their Agile development.

Utilizing the dependency feature is completely optional

  • to enable/disable the dependency feature, choose Toggle links in the Canvas menu

A Confluence global administratpr can manage which links and colors to display

  • open the Canvas global configuration and select the appropriate customization

Viewing More Issue Information

To view more information on a given issue, click anywhere on the issue's card to open the preview screen.

This preview screen allows for quick modifications to specific fields.

To view the original issue page, click on the issue number link.