Looking for a demonstration of how to use Canvas for JIRA? Check out the videos below.


Introducing Comala Canvas for JIRA

Visually organize and layout your JIRA issues into boards by selecting filters.

Triaging in JIRA

Triage involves different perspectives based on issue type, priority, the workload of the team members, etc. In this regard, Canvas for JIRA shines, making triaging simple!

Plan Mode

Planning in JIRA is easier than ever with the Plan Mode by Canvas for JIRA.

The Plan Mode allows you to plan your issues using a third dimension on your board. This third dimension can be sprints, components or releases.

When using the Plan Mode, your board will be presented in two parts

  • the backlog area (left)
  • and the planner area (right)

Issues flow from the backlog to the planner, by simply dragging them between the two areas