Updates are made periodically and will automatically be available in your JIRA Cloud instance. Check out the release log below to see what we've been working on recently.

15th December

Our new documentation space for Comala Canvas for Jira is live!

We have updated the in-app links to this new documentation space at docs.comalatech.

(star) This old documentation space at wiki.comalatech will no longer be updated for Comala Canvas for Jira.

If you have any questions please open a ticket with our support team.


  • refreshing a board now retains any change in the board row order or column order

28th November 2022


  • fixed a problem loading a page when FixVersions was selected for a column or a row

26th September 2022


  • a change in the order of the board columns and rows is now retained after a page refresh

13th September 2022


  • updated the display of tooltips to support UI changes in JIRA 9
  • maintenance updates to improve stability and performance


  • fixed a problem that caused a board to break when a user was unassigned using the Assignee field in the issue preview
  • fixed an issue causing an error in the Toggle links board menu when issues have been linked using a new link type

11th August 2022


  • fixed an issue that prevented the selection of the first option in the dropdown menu for each Canvas card parameter
  • tasks order sorted by rank is no longer lost when the Canvas board is reloaded

18th July 2022


  • resolved a problem that prevented moving a card issue added to a custom field

8th June 2022

What's New?

Updated Comala Canvas for Jira app to integrate the new Atlassian parent field.

This new parent field is part of Atlassian changes to standardize how Jira associates parent and child issues in Jira public API and Webhook events. This includes Atlassian's deprecation of a number of fields including Epic Link and Parent Link custom fields in REST APIs and webhooks.

In Comala Canvas

    • a new parent field is selectable as a new dimension of a Comala Canvas board
    • moving a task/issue under a parent on a Comala Canvas board will change the parent

(blue star) The new issue field parent is not the same as an epic link, it retrieves all the issues that are parents, not only the epics.

Change also includes an update of the Comala Canvas Epic field to use the new Atlassian parent field (to show parents that are only epics).

(star) If the Comala Canvas Epic link field was previously used as a board dimension, you will need to move to the new Comala Canvas Epic field. This will prevent those boards from rendering blank after Atlassian stops supporting the epic link field.

27th April 2022

What's New?

Canvas for Jira non-admin users can now access Canvas Administration menu options to Manage boards and Manage Filters for the boards they have created.

This now means a non-admin user can use these options to delete the boards they have created.


  • maintenance updates to improve stability and performance

29th March 2022

  • minor maintenance and backend improvements update

17th January 2022


  • maintenance update

27th October 2021 


  • maintenance updates due to Atlassian installation lifecycle changes

5th August 2021


  • fixed a problem to ensure display of finished issues with a strikethrough format
  • resolved an issue causing a delay in loading of the issues on an individual board

19th May 2021


  • Atlassian Connect Framework vulnerability update

BugCrowd fix

  • security vulnerability fix

12th May 2021

BugCrowd fix

  • Security vulnerability update

4 May 2021


  • security update and improvements in app cache management and performance

10 February 2021


  • update based on Jira dependencies

Minor bugfixes

  • Saved filters not appearing in Saved filters tab

  • fixed issue where an error sometimes occurred when trying to move an item from one sprint to the previous one when Canvas is active

26 November 2020


  • fixed an issue affecting the moving of Epics as rows 

  • back button in the Configuration and Manage Boards screens now works as expected

17 July 2020

What's New

Assign options

  • assign dropdown now includes options to Assign to me and to Unassign

Jira Service Desk comments

  • can now add internal comments when transitioning a Jira Service Desk issue

Updates and Bug fixes

  • all epic label colors are now properly reflected in cards
  • fixed an error with transitioning Jira Service Desk issues
  • fixed an issue that meant that the Resolution field could not be removed from the quick filter

23 October 2018


  • improved performance when loading a large number of issues


  • fixes a bug that caused hidden columns to show up when rearranging other columns

6 February 2018


  • fixed an issue that prevented project boards from being shown in the board picker.

11 December 2017

What's New?

  • new Issue Links functionality to show the different issue relationships within a board using coloured arrows
  • visual dependencies between issues. A critical feature for teams using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to enterprise-scale their Agile development
  • "Manage fields" menu item is now called "Configuration"


  • fixed issue where story points that did not belong to the Fibonacci series were not properly sorted.

8 June 2017


  • fixed an issue that prevented loading of boards when using Internet Explorer 11.

17 April 2017

Bug fixes

  • fix for potential wrong metrics when starting sprints
  • resolved error problem while moving issues to the next sprint

17 February 2017

What's New?

  • revamped issue cards and boards look & feel
  • added a Load all option, a more expedient mechanism to load and refresh the issues
  • to improve your planning sessions, you can now estimate the story points directly on the card preview tooltip
  • multiple improvements and bug fixes on the planner mode

9 January 2017

Updates and bug fixes

  • fixed an issue where moving the first column was not persisted
  • Story Points are now always displayed in Planner
  • Story Points can now be edited right from the Issue View dialog

17 November 2016

Updates and bug fixes

  • multiple minor fixes and minor improvements to the new Plan Mode feature

10 October 2016

What's New?

  • introducing Plan Mode that allows planning issues into sprints, components or releases

23 September 2016

Updates and bug fixes

  • improved JIRA Agile support, users can now simply drag and drop issues between Sprints and the Backlog
  • other minor bug fixes

19 August 2016

Updates and bug fixes

  • fixed a bug where boards with the same name were not being overwritten
  • added Manage Fields option to both row and column selectors

2 August 2016

Updates and bug fixes

  • Sub Tasks can now be assigned from the issue viewer
  • updated the layout of the board toolbars

8 July 2016

Bug fixes

  • fixed an error where certain issue fields updates were not reflected on the Canvas board
  • fixed an error where dragging an issue to an empty cell caused an error

16 June 2016


  • minor UI improvements

13 April 2016


  • minor UI improvements

18 March 2016


  • replaced the Board/Filters/Project selector with a new easier-to-use version

24 February 2016

Update and bug fixes

  • shared boards are now dynamic.  You can save a board and then share it.  Future changes made to the board will also show up on the shared URL you don't need to generate a new share URL with each change
  • fix for some row/column issue totals counts
  • unassigned issues can now be assigned directly from the card preview

  • Quick filters in non-English settings now work correctly

27 January 2016

  • Fixed an issue regarding the display of the Help popup.

  • Minor UI improvements.

18 January 2016

  • Epics can now be assigned or changed directly on the board.

  • Improvements to the issue preview to display sub issues and issues in epics.

14 December 2015

  • Added a new feature that allows issues on a board to be individually coloured.

  • Added issue count totals on columns and rows.
  • Fixed a bug updating the user's avatar when an issue is reassigned.

16 November 2015

  • Fixed a bug where invalid JQL prevented the board from reloading.

  • Fixed a bug updating Story Points during drag & drop.

4 November 2015

  • Improve usability on touch screen devices

  • Remove the JIRA footer to provide more space to view a board
  • Improvements to JQL error displays

24 September 2015

  • Fixed a bug related to icon sizing on issue popup.

17 September 2015

  • Fixed a bug related to showing the Epic Links on board headers.

  • Fixed a bug about incorrect sizing for default assignee images.
  • Minor UI updates.

17 August 2015

  • Fixed a bug related to loading empty boards.

  • We've improved the way you can give us feedback - please tell us what you think.
  • Minor UI updates.

3 July 2015

  • Minor UI updates.

26 June 2015

  • Added the Resolution field to Quick Filters
  • Quick Filters are now saved as part of the board
  • Update moving and hiding rows and display more issues.
  • Improvements to responsiveness for different size boards.

17 June 2015

  • New Toolbar and Card Layout
  • Quick Filters now applied from the toolbar

28 May 2015

  • Ability for a board to have no rows, see all the issues grouped by columns only.
  • Display update for status field, status category colour now applied to background.
  • New field for status category
  • Hide the canvas toolbar option
  • Assigned user image now displayed on issue cards.

23 April 2015

  • New Quick Filters can be applied from any row or column heading
  • Fix to load all project components even if not containing any issues
  • Fix to display manage canvas button in project view

3 March 2015

  • Updated project sidebar icon

17 February 2015

  • Support for new project sidebar navigation

4 February 2015

  • Quick edit for assignee, issue type and priority fields in issue preview
  • Fix for links in issue description on preview

3 December 2014

  • New issue hover layout, including transition actions.
  • Remove issue status icons in line with recent JIRA updates

18 November 2014

  • Minor UI updates

14 November 2014

  • Improvements to save canvas user interface.
  • Basic JQL editing.

27 October 2014

  • Automatic column resizing, and column headers always visible when scrolling.
  • Issue Created and Updated date attributes added.
  • Estimate and Time Remaining added to the default issue hover pop up.

13 October 2014

  • Ability to move rows and columns on the board
  • Bug fixes on canvas filter/project picker
  • Improvements to help and feedback window

3 October 2014

  • Issue status transitions available directly from each issue
  • New welcome screen and default to 'My Open Issues' filter for new users.

24 September 2014

  • New Canvas picker, select a saved Canvas, project or filter directly.
  • "Sprint" field now sorts by date and uncategorized column shown as 'backlog'.
  • Strike through on closed issues.

28 August 2014

  • Issue transitions, worklog and due date field support added
  • New introduction video

18 August 2014

  • Status transition support