Canvas Board Layout


Columns and Matrix layout

To set your board layout

  • select fields from the toolbar to define your columns/rows
  • depending on your view choose Column or Matrix

Quick filters

Filtering is now faster and simpler than ever.

The data set from your saved boards or filters can be more concise using Quick Filters, instead of struggling with JQL.

If you still prefer JQL, don't worry, check out the options section below!


Choose fields such as Assignee, Issue Type, Priority, Status etc. to define your rows and columns in the Matrix view, or just columns in with the new Column view.

Change fields at any time through the toolbar.

Column view

The Column view provides a simplified, column only board, but still gives you the power to choose the custom fields and filtering for your data.

Matrix view

The Matrix view brings another dimension to your boards, to help you better manage triaging, planning releases, or prioritizing your team's work. 


(star) A non-admin user WILL NOT be able to access the Canvas Administration>Configuration option.

Save/Save as...Save your custom boards so they're available whenever you need them

Show JQL

Use the power of the JIRA Query Language to create your own views and working areas

(info) JQL filter will be used together with any existing Quick Filters added to the board

Share board

Get your colleagues involved, and share all the cool boards you create

(info) You can only share a board that you have saved with a unique name

Manage boardsAccess and manage your saved boards

  • all users can access the Manage boards option but non-admin users will only be able to Delete a board that they have created

Set the Board Parameters value to limit the maximum number of issues to load when accessing a a board

  • default load threshold is 300 issues. use dropdown options to change
Use Manage fields to manage the fields you want to have available for your boards

  • scroll down field dialogue box to find required field(s) or use Dimension Fields search box
  • To ensure your board is manageable
    • limit number of checked fields for the board to avoid very large boards
    • choose fields with limited set of values to reduce query processing time
Check each type of link in Manage Issue Links to display for your issues

Confluence global administrator permission is required to access these Configuration options. A board created by a non-admin user will use these settings.  
Manage filtersAccess and manage your filters

  • view saved issue search filters that have been saved for re-use by My, Popular or Favourite.
  • use Search to look for saved filters.
  • choose a filter settings menu to Edit or Delete the filter

(info) All users can access the Manage filters option but non-admin users will only be able to Edit or Delete a filter that they have created


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